Our October 2015 Birthday Greeting!

It's Inger's Birthday!
Inger would be 81 this year if she were still with us! How time flies!

This year, 2015, marks what would have been Inger's 81st birthday. I'm not sure how many of her friends and contemporaries are still with us today as we pause just for a moment to celebrate the birth of our favorite female performer. If she had lived to the present, I would like to think that Inger would still be in good health, staying active with her charities, and enjoying her life to the fullest. I don't think she would throw a loud, boisterous birthday extravaganza for herself; no, I think she would have enjoyed a small, intimate gathering, a home cooked meal, and thought-provoking conversation...perhaps thumbing thru a photo album and sharing stories...
Here then, are some candid shots of Inger, her warmth and smile captured by the camera lens at the most opportune moments to showcase the vitality and spirit that filled her heart...






...and, as is customary for a birthday celebration, there's cake for the Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday, kara Inger! Thinking of you on this day! A Special Thank You to each of you who visit this site as well!