Our 2016 Memorial



If you are reading this page, let me begin by saying "Thank you" for taking the time to remember Inger Stevens, on this 46th anniversary of her passing. In many respects, it seems like a lifetime ago, yet somehow there is still a timelessness to the day, perhaps because she left us so quickly and unexpectedly.

I am reminded of the number of years that have gone by since Inger's death by the relative lack of new anecdotes and stories offered by her friends and contemporaries, many of whom have unfortunately now passed themselves. It is reaching a point where there now exists a generation who have no knowledge at all of Ms. Stevens through no fault of their own. At the mention of her name, I half-expect a quizzical expression or shoulder shrug with a "I'm sorry, but that's before my time" remark. Such a reaction is understandable, and I take no offense to it, and that is because I'm encouraged by small but consistent number of comments of people who "discover" Inger while initially viewing some of the works of her many co-stars. "I was studying the career of Clint Eastwood and I noticed..." or "...In watching the early Twilight Zones, I could not forget the performance of the blonde actress..." are some of the more frequent comments I've read lately. To me, it is a subtle sign of justification and acknowledgment that my faith in Inger's talent made her stand out among her peers. It's gratifying that she will be continually "discovered by future generations of film/tv fans and students. However, it must be said that it's somewhat sad Inger will be remembered more so through the works of her co-stars and less for her own standalone efforts.

That being said, we nevertheless remember Inger Stevens today for the warmth, the optimism, and the heart she brought into both her personal and professional worlds. She was equally at ease being the professional, prepared actor on set as well as being the best friend one shared jokes and stories around a kitchen table. She remains sorely missed.

I don't have any new stories about Inger to share with everyone this year; as I mentioned previously, those opportunities have become fewer and more scarce. What I can share this year are a few photos of Inger that have turned up in past few months. If the old saying "A photo is worth a thousand words" is true, then let these photos be this year's Inger stories....

LIFE Magazine Photo Shoot - Don Ornitz, Photographer

On location while filming "The Borgia Stick" and a wardrobe test shot from "House of Cards"


At the Emmy Awards:(left) for The Farmer's Daughter, 1964; Inger at the April 1970 program, just a few weeks before her passing.


There truly isn't much more for me to write at the moment that I haven't written before on this website: Inger Stevens simply deserves to be remembered. She gave much of herself to her craft, to her family, and to her friends and fans, all the while expecting the world to do so in kind. She never lost her interest in the world, wanting to see and do new things, and she always was hopeful of the promises of tomorrow. Her optimism and energy should inspire us to be our best, and to paraphrase her own words, to leave something behind, to have helped one single person on their journey...

Dearest Inger, you are remembered this day...

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