Five Card Stud
Western, 1968, 101 min, Paramount, NR/ Rated PG, Color, VHS
Written by Marguerite Roberts (adapted from Ray Gaulden's novel)
Music by Maurice Jarre
Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Directed by Henry Hathaway
Dean Martin as Van Morgan
Robert Mitchum as Rev. Rudd
Inger Stevens as Lily Langford
Roddy McDowall as Nick Evers
Katherine Justice as Nora Evers
John Anderson as Marshal Dana
Ruth Springford as Mama Malone
Yaphet Kotto as Little George
Denver Pyle as Sig Evers

After the hanging of a unknown man who had cheated in a poker game, each player at the table is mysteriously killed, one by one. Martin tries to discover the identity of the murderer.

A minor western, maybe Hathaway's worst one. Poor script, previsible and talent-lacked Martin enhances the failure. Inger appears in a secondary role, much lesser to her usual resources.