Our April 2012 Memorial


A Hearty Welcome to All Inger Fans and Admirers!

Thank you all for taking the time to visit the website today. My guess is that many of you visiting our site are doing so as a sign of respect to Inger's memory, to reflect on the legacy this woman left behind, and partially out of curiosity as to what my "Memorial Gallery Upload" might entail. Last year, our efforts focused on creating and uploading The Farmer's Daughter wedding episode video to YouTube, which seems to have been well-received. It was, however, a somewhat hurried project: finding the appropriate clip, adding commentary, and preparing the file was a time-consuming task. This year, rather than creating another video, our tribute to Inger is a photo gallery we've put together for just this occasion.

Assembling a collection of Inger photographs for today's gallery for your enjoyment can be as simple as this:



At this point, you might be thinking, "What?! The Special Gallery is just an upload of these pictures? Haven't I seen these same photos before? What's going on here?"

It would be an easy task to re-post many of the more commonly seen photos of our favorite actress (such as those above) and say that this year's project was complete; but it would be unfair and a disservice for me to shortchange your continuing interest in all things Inger by resorting to such a simple fix...as a fan, you would expect more, something totally new and unique, and rightfully so. In response, I hope what I have assembled will meet and maybe exceed your expectations. Know that much thought was put into today's tribute, to be both reflective, respectful, and celebratory of Inger Stevens' life and career, and to be fresh and unique.

That being said, please continue on with our gallery! The underlying theme of our presentation follows...

As stated on the Introductory page of our website, "...come join me on this simple journey to Inger Stevens' time and life..."

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