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This site is dedicated to the memory of Inger Stevens. Questions about her career, films, and biographical data are very welcome, but please don't ask about her intimate life. That part of her life belongs only to herself.

You may also read an Interview  with Bill Patterson

And preview the  Preface of his published biography of Inger Stevens:

About her 29th Death Anniversary, Bill has written:

I have often been asked what Inger would be doing today if she had lived.
First of all, she would probably continue her acting career in films and
television, but she would be very selective in the parts she played.  Inger
had taken some directing courses at UCLA and I feel she would be active in
that field today.  At the time of her death there were few women directors,
but that has changed in the last decade.

Inger always had a true love of the theatre and I feel that she would be
very active in that field.  Plus I feel that at one point in time she would
have taken a stab at singing.  In high school she told many  of
her friends that she wanted to be a singer.  She had a lovely alto voice and
I think she would tried an act in Las Vegas or a night club tour.
She would also have stayed involved in charity work.  I feel that besides children
causes, Inger would be a involved in the AIDS movement as many of her
friends have died from that disease.

Physically, I feel that Inger would be in good health today as she always
took good care of herself.  Her weight would be the same as she never was
heavy and she always watched her diet.  In general, I feel that she would be
healthy and happy and living a full life.

Here are some thoughts from site contributor Jerry Lem:

With each anniversary of Inger's passing, it seems only fitting that we spend a moment to remember and honor an extraordinary artist and performer whose legacy has touched our lives. For those who were fortunate enough to have known her personally and professionally, each anniversary is certain to bring to the forefront a sense of loss and sadness, as the realization that she has been gone so long settles in. For the many who only know Inger through her work on stage, television and film, it is an opportunity to simply appreciate the grace, beauty,and talent that she continues to give to us through the characters she so easily brought to life. The number of visitors to this website is but one testament to her enduring popularity; one only has to scan through television and movie listings to see that at any given time, replays of "Hang 'Em High" or "A Guide For The Married Man" or "The Farmer's Daughter" continue to be shown and to entertain fans. Through this website and current technology, Inger's life and career lives on, enabling fans from around the world to become friends and to share their thoughts and remembrances. As one of a number of contributors to the site, it is especially gratifying for me to know that Inger is not forgotten and that her timeless appeal endures,that her gift to her fans continues to give, even to this day. A search of the YouTube website shows a growing number of tribute videos that deal with Inger have been recently uploaded. Inger's life is a story of perseverance and self-discovery, of effort and talent coming together through sheer determination. Perhaps it is these aspects of her life that allows us to identify with her: in spite of all the ups and downs she endured, she never lost her sense of humor or honesty, that to the very end, she remained the consummate professional, and more importantly, the remarkable and delightful "svenska flicka" that she was.

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