The Borgia Stick
1967, 100 min, Color, TV, NBC, thriller
Written by A.J. Russell
Produced by Richard B. Lewis
Directed by David Lowell Rich
Cast (in alphabetical order)
Sorrell Booke
Dana Elcar
Barnard Hughes
Don Murray
Barry Nelson
Inger Stevens as Eve
Ralph Waite
Fritz Weaver

A couple (Stevens and Murray) of ex- criminals tries to rebuild their lives, with new identities and jobs provided by a "company", who they should work to. Things get complicated when they think they could have been discovered.

A creative and well conducted film that holds our attention up. Unpretencious by nature, shows interesting locations in New York. Another nice work of her.
Borgia Stick was one of the first (maybe the first one) movies made for TV, and was released in other countries for theaters.
Notice young George Benson and band playing at the nightclub

Released in Sweden in 27 May 1968 

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