Inger Unrehearsed: A Candid Pictures Gallery
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Although the majority of our image galleries contain primarily stills and studio/publicity portraits, this new gallery contains candid, "snapshot"-type images of Inger taken at various times in her life. Some images show her at award ceremonies, while others capture a more informal Inger, simply away from a film set or stage. They are from a variety of sources; some are simple photos taken by friends such as publicist Ben Irwin and actor/writer George Furth while others were taken by celebrity photographers of the day. Candid photos of Inger at awards shows and the like are readily found, but snapshots of her at small, intimate gatherings or with her guard down are much more rare. I've included these informal pictures because they show a different perspective of Inger, one seen by her friends and family: not the actress but Inger the human being, a "real" person with whom we can readily identify.

An early photo taken by a neighbor in Manhattan, Kansas, showing Inger singing in a chorale group. Photo dated December, 1947

(left): Inger in her early teens admires a peacock's plummage; (right): a photo of Inger's mother Lisbet

Inger chats with Heidi, her aunt Karin's housekeeper, during her vacation to Sweden in 1958. In a recent e-mail, Inger's half brother Richard recalled long lines of locals lining up to welcome & greet their hometown "Hollywood star."


Two undated snapshots: (left) out on the town while in New York; (right) a color candid.

Inger and Chris Lockyer, her personal assistant for 3 years

The 16th Annual Emmy Awards, May 25th, 1964


(left) Inger and producer Peter Kortner arrive at the Hollywood Palladium; (center) Inger and Peter searching for their table. Actress Ava Gardner is seated in the foreground. (Right): Inger and Peter pose for the press.



Inger hosts a birthday party at her home for her Farmer's Daughter co-star Cathleen Nesbitt.


(left) Inger with Farmer's Daughter director Bob Claver during the show's third season; and (right) Inger with crewmember/electrician Gene.


(l to r) Inger attends The Ice Follies with friend/fellow actor Billy DeWolfe; Inger and close friend George Furth arrive at the 1965 Emmy Awards. (photos from fan magazines)

(left): Another shot of Inger with George Furth (right): Inger with talent agent Roy Gerber



A collection of images of Inger and then Swedish Consul General Per Anger, taken by a magazine photographer named Stone in October 1963. During World War II, using his authority as a Swedish diplomat, Anger worked tirelessly in rescuing Hungarian Jews from arrest and deportation by the Nazis. After the war, Anger spearheaded efforts to determine the fate of his friend Raoul Wallenberg. Anger ultimately received Sweden's highest civilian award for his humanitarian efforts and passed away in Stockholm, in 2002. The original negatives of this set of photos recently sold on Ebay for $100 dollars.

Upon completion of A Guide for the Married Man, the production company held a special preview of the movie aboard the crusie ship S.S. Canberra, bound from Vancouver to San Francisco. Here is a photo of Inger attending the preview party.


Above: (left)Inger and Chris at an informal party; (center & right): undated candids of Inger

A candid taken for a newspaper article in December, 1969, showing Inger in the living room of possibly the Woodrow Wilson house. A print of this photo recently sold on EBay for nearly $200!

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