Cry Terror
1958, 96 min, Black and White (computer-colored available), NR, MGM, thriller
Written by Andrew L. Stone
Music by Howard Jackson
Costume Design by Bernard
Film Editing by Virginia L. Stone
Produced by Andrew L. Stone Virginia L. Stone
Directed by Andrew L. Stone
James Mason as Jim Molner
Rod Steiger as Paul Hoplin
Inger Stevens as Mrs. Joan Molner
Neville Brand as Steve
Angie Dickinson as Eileen Kelly
Kenneth Tobey as Agent Frank Cole
Jack Klugman as Vince, a thug
Jack Kruschen as Agent Charles Pope
Carleton Young .as Roger Adams
Barney Phillips as Dan Pringle
Harlan Warde
Ed Hinton
Chet Huntley as Himself
Roy Neal as Himself
Jonathan Hole
William Schallert as Henderson
Portland Mason as Patty's Friend on Schoolbus
Mae Marsh
Terry Ann Ross as Patty Molner
Stanley Andrews as Older Executive (uncredited)
Ralph Moody as Kelly's Dentist (uncredited)

An engineer and his wife are held hostage by a terrorist who blackmails airlines' owners by puttiing bombs in their aircrafts. 
A good picture, with young Mason and Steiger in good performances, as well as Inger, maybe the best one as Mason's resourceful wife. New York locations. Released on April, 1958.

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