A Dream of Kings
1969, 108 min, National General, Rated R, Color, drama, VHS
Written by Harry Mark Petrakis and Ian McLellan Hunter (based on the novel by Petrakis)
Music Composed by Alex North
Produced by Jules Schermer
Directed by Daniel Mann
Anthony Quinn as Matsoukas
Irene Papas as Caliope
Inger Stevens as Anna
Sam Levene as Cicero
Radames Pera as Stavros
Tamara Daykarhanova as Mother-in-law
Val Avery as Fatsas

Bon vivant Greek living in Chicago has to face his son's serious illness. Convinced that only the sun of Greece will heal him, he tries desperately to raise the money necessary for the trip.

An interesting movie, well directed and acted. Inger was described as "excellent" in her last large screen appearence, showing a broader range in her acting skills. To lend realism for her role as the owner of a small bakery, Inger spent time in an actual family bakery, baking breads and other local treats. This type of preparation for the role harks back to her wearing a weight around her waist to simulate being pregnant in The Price of Tomatoes, and the time she spent shadowing the nursing staff at a hospital prior to filming Diary of a Nurse.

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