Early Television Appearances - the 1950's
Inger's professional acting acareer began when she was cast in a Vel detergent commercial. From that starting point, she began a string of appearances in a number of dramatic anthology shows, a program format quite popular during what many have come to call "The Golden Age of Television." It was a time a great creativity and spontaneity in television, with many new talents in acting and writing helping spur the explosive growth of the medium. Because programs were often televised live, so many of these early performances are lost, while others remain with us today thru grainy images preserved by kinescope. Images in this gallery are from some of Inger's earliest performances: they show an energetic and enthusiastic young actress trying polish her innate talent, at times overeager and over the top, but nevertheless growing in confidence and comfort in her profession.

Inger's First Professional TV role: The Vel Detergent Commercial (1954)


November 21, 1954: Inger's Third Role: Goodyear TV Playhouse, "Thunder of Silence", with fellow young New York actor Paul Newman



November 30, 1954: Armstrong Circle Theatre, "The Contender", again with Paul Newman


March 15, 1955: CBS Studio One: "The Conviction of Peter Shea" (image courtesy of the Getty Image Archive)

October 26, 1956: Conflict: "Captain Without a Country"


Inger poses with the star of the program, Jacques Sernas

November 22, 1956: Playhouse 90: "Eloise"

Also in the cast were Mildred Natwick (to Inger's left) and Hans Conried (3rd from left)

December 26, 1956: The Millionaire: "The Story of Betty Perkins"



January 20, 1957:Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "My Brother, Richard"


Inger with co-stars Royal Dano and Harry Townes; Dano would later work again with Inger in her last film, Run, Simon, Run, playing a sheriff.

May 7, 1959: Playhouse 90: "Diary of a Nurse"


In the second photo, Inger is shown with veteran actor Victor Jory

September 26, 1959: Bonanza: as Emily Pennington in "The Newcomers"


(L)Emily tends to Hoss Cartwright (Dan Blocker) after an ambush; (r)Inger on a break between takes, script in hand


(Center)Inger in a scene with guest star John Larch


(L)Emily and Hoss rest by a lake after escaping from their captors

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