Early Television Appearances - the 1960's
From the start of 1960 to the fall premiere of The Farmer's Daughter, the name "Inger Stevens" was a staple of American television. She appeared 22 times on a number of shows: The Twilight Zone, Zane Grey Theatre, Hong Kong, Checkmate, Route 66, Adventures in Paradise, Follow the Sun, The Detectives, The Eleventh Hour, Sam Benedict, Empire, Dick Powell Theatre, and Breck Golden Showcase are among her credits. In addition to her dramatic work, Inger made a number of appearances on weekday game shows (Your First Impression, Truth or Consequeces, What's My Line, You Don't Say) and was a guest host on The Tonight Show (in the interim when Jack Paar stepped down and Johnny Carson was not quite free from his ABC contract, as well as subbing for Johnny directly). There were also two memorable appearances on Alfred Hitchcok Presents, as well as a role in The Detectives in which Inger's character sang a tune entitled "Song of a Guilty Heart." The images in this gallery are from some, and certainly not all, of the programs that Inger appeared in during that prolific period in her career.

March 31, 1960: Zane Grey Theatre: "Calico Bait" with Robert Culp


Two shots of Inger; Inger with co-star Robert Culp; Inger with DeForrest Kelly (later to be "Dr. McCoy" of Star Trek fame).

Behind the Scenes of Calico Bait

From the Life Magazine online photo archive, here are some interesting shots of Inger and co-star Robert Culp (who tragically passed away just recently):

(l to r): Culp teaches Inger how to twirl her pistol; Inger practices drawing and holstering her gun

Under the watchful eye of legendary jockey Johnny Longden, Inger learns how to properly mount her horse

With Inger safely in the saddle, the two riders slowly head down the trail

Inger's Appearances on Route 66

Inger appeared in two episodes of Route 66, "The Beryllium Eater" (broadcast 12/9/1960) and "Burning for Burning"(airdate 12/29/61). In the left photo she is standing between one of Route 66's leads George Maharis and actor Pat Hingle. She would later work with Hingle in Clint Eastwood's 1968 western Hang 'Em High, and ironically was set to co-star with Maharis in her last project, Zig Zag, later renamed after her death to The Most Deadly Game. Highlights of Inger's performances on Route 66 can be found on the YouTube website, courtesy of video creator sseklof


(l to r): Inger with George Maharis; a scene from Burning for Burning

Click here to go to the YouTube website to see a video clip from The Beryllium Eater! Remember to click your browser's "Back" button/arrow to return to our site!

Click here to go to the YouTube website to see a video clip from Burning for Burning! Remember to click "Back" to return to our site!

January 18, 1961: Dupont Show of the Month: "The Prisoner of Zenda"

March 6, 1961: Adventures in Paradise: "Angel of Death"


In this episode, Inger played a Swedish doctor travelling to the tropics to conduct research.

December 08,1961: The Detectives: "Song of the Guilty Heart"



The Detectives starred Robert Taylor, supported by Tige Andrews (later of Mod Squad fame), Adam West (TV's Batman), and Mark Goddard (Lost in Space). In this episode, Inger portrayed Thea Templeton, a singer acquitted of murdering her husband but who suffers from continued suspicion and scorn. Andrews' character tries to get Thea's personal life and career back on track. Inger is shown performing a number of songs during the program. It is not known whether the vocals were done by an uncredited vocalist and later dubbed in with Inger lip-synching the lyrics, or if Inger sang with her own voice.

December 31, 1961: Follow The Sun: "The Girl from the Brandenburg Gate"

February 25, 1962: Breck Golden Showcase: "Saturday's Children"


Inger with co-stars Ralph Bellamy and Cliff Robertson. Bellamy would later be cast as "Mr. Arcane" along with George Maharis and Inger in Zig Zag.

December 29,1962: Sam Benedict: "The Target Over the Hill"

Inger with series star and veteran actor Edmund O'Brien

January 18, 1963: Alfred Hitchcock Hour: "Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog"


Among the cast members of this episode were Greg Morris, later of Mission: Impossible fame, and Peter Brown (Lawman), Richard Jaekel, and Chris Robinson; all were to become well-recognized TV and film performers.

Inger relaxing between scenes on the set (image courtesy the Getty Image Archive)

April 16, 1963: Dick Powell Theater" "Last of the Big Spenders"


Inger's co-stars were Robert Redford, Dana Andrews, Herschel Bernardi, and Norman Fell; the episode was also written by Richard Alan Simmons, who had earlier written The Price of Tomatoes

April 30, 1963: Empire: "Duet for Eight Wheels"


Inger's appearance on Empire marked the end of her string of guest appearances on hourly dramas. She had signed on to star in her own television series on ABC, based on a 1947 film. In June of 1963, production and filming began, and Inger Stevens took on the role that would make her a small screen icon to televison audiences to this day: Katy Holstrum, The Farmer's Daughter.