The Farmer's Daughter
Screen Gems/ Columbia Pictures TV, at ABC-TV
Broadcasted from September 20,1963 to April 22,1966
101 episodes, 30 min long each
Regular Cast
Inger Stevens as. Katy Holstrum
William Windom as Congressman Glen Morley
Mickey Sholdar as Steve Morley, Glen's son
Rory O'Brien as Danny Morley, Glen's son
Cathleen Nesbitt as Agatha Morley
Philip Coolidge as Chester Cooper, Glen's associate (1963/64)
Semi-Regular Cast
David Lewis as Senator Charles Ames, Glen's friend
Emmaline Henry as Clemmy Hoyle, Katy's friend
Nancy Rennick & Barbara Bostock as Margot, Katy's friend
Marilyn Lovell as Charlotte, Katy's friend
Shelley Morrison as Molly, Katy's friend
Walter Sande as Lars Holstrum, Katy's father
Alice Frost as Mama Holstrum, Katy's mother
Jeanette Nolan as Stella, Glen's cousin

Appearence: Barbara Hershey

Serial version (101 segments) of The Farmer's Daughter, (1947), with Loretta Young in the main role. This series was Inger's greatest success on TV.

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