1968, 104 min, Warner Bros-Seven Arts, western, NR, color, VHS
Produced by Philip Leacock and John Mantley
Directed by Vincent McEveety
Written by Calvin Clements
Music Composed by Alfred Newman
James Stewart as Johnny Cobb
Henry Fonda as Larkin
Inger Stevens as Evelyn
Gary Lockwood as Earl
Dean Jagger as Whittier
Ed Begley as Preacher Broyles
Jay C. Flippen as Mr. Pittman
Jack Elam as Norman
James Best as Drew
Barbara Luna as Meli
Jacqueline Scott as Henrietta Cobb
Brooke Bundy as Leah
A rancher, working as a sherrif, has to defend his small town against outlaws who decide to spend some days there. An incident pushes the sheriff into action.

A long, sometimes boring western, that doesn't explore the huge potential of its cast. Stevens plays a secondary role. Released on January 20, 1968

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