A Guide for the Married Man (1967)

  A Guide for the Married Man began production in October, 1966. Inger played "Ruth Manning", the loving and unsuspecting wife of Walter Matthau who is contemplating cheating on her. In a major departure from her wholesome image from The Farmer's Daughter, Inger filmed several scenes in this adult comedy wearing either a form-fitting leotard, a negligee, two different bikinis, and even a nude shower scene (though director Gene Kelly artfully filmed her from the knees down). Shown on this page are some publicity poses for the film; on the subsequent pages are a number of screen captures from the movie.

Below: Inger in the blue bikini she wore in the scene where she brought out drinks to Walter Matthau and Robert Morse by the pool. She is posing on the lawn in front of the Manning house.

Below: Inger in the polka dot bikini used in the beach party scene

Below: Inger strikes some seductive poses wearing a nightgown

Below: Publicity portraits/wardrobe test shots

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