Hang 'em High
1968, 114 min, Malpaso, distributed by United Artists, cautionary/ Rated M, color, VHS
Produced by Leonard Freeman
Directed by Ted Post
Screenplay by Leonard Freeman and Mel Goldberg
Music by Dominic Frontiere
Clint Eastwood as
Inger Stevens as
Ed Begley as
Pat Hingle as 
Arlene Golonka as 
James MacArthur as
Ruth White as
Ben Johnson as 
Bruce Dern as 
Dennis Hopper as
Alan Hale Jr. as
Jed Cooper
Captain Wilson
Judge Adam Fenton
Madam Peaches Sophie
Sheriff Dave Bliss
The Prophet
A rancher is mistaken for a cattle thief and murderer, and is hanged, but survives. He then becomes a law officer and uses his new authority to search of the men who tried to hang him. He finds a widow who is also in search of her husband's killers.

One of Eastwood's first films in America, a nice dramatic western. Inger Stevens acts well as usual. Filmed on location in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.

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