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Here is a collection of pictures from a variety of sources.

April 9, 1956: screen captures from audition footage of Inger

Audition footage from Fox's The Last Wagon. Working with Inger in the scene was actor James Drury (later of TV's The Virginian). Inger auditioned for the role only a week after she arrived in Hollywood, but did not get the part.
(Images courtesy of Van Ness Films' Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 2).

from Conflict: Captain Without A Country(1956)



Motion Picture Academy Player's Directory, 1962

Possibly from 1960 (Twilight Zone ?)
from Academy of Motion Picture 
Arts & Sciences Players Directory
ad by Clairol showing Inger with renowned stylist Leslie Blanchard
promo still
photo from Post Magazine, article by R. Lewis, Jan 1964
Inger with friend/producer Allen Baron at Marineland    
A kiss for Inger!
Listening to the ocean in a seashell
Inger and Allen greet another Marineland resident

 Inger's Vacation, Summer 1958

In the summer of 1958 after completing work on The Buccaneer, Inger decided to return to Sweden for a vaction before returning to work on The World, The Flesh, and The Devil. On June 26, 1958, she boarded the Norwegian freighter Mathilde Thorden and set out to her homeland. According to Richard Omer, a 10-year old boy travelling with his family who was also onboard, the freighter was allowed to carry 12 passengers, of which Omer's family made up a party of five, and Inger and 2 other travelling companions brought the total number to eight. Richard's recollections of Inger were that she stayed in her cabin during the bulk of the approximate 10-day trip, taking her meals there, but she did venture out and mingled on at least one occasion. Richard's impression was that Inger seemed preoccupied and he assumed she was studying a script. He did recall her saying she was going to Sweden to visit her family. Ironically, both of these recollections were probably the cause for Inger's aloofness and mixed emotions: she was indeed returning to Sweden for the first time since she left as a child, and she was about to meet with Lisbet, her birth mother, after some 14 years apart.

The candid photo below of Inger is Richard's contribution to our website, as is the photo of the Mathilde Thorden. Richard is the young boy in the center and his brother is the boy on the left. Inger's companions are unidentified. The group appears to be passing time, playing the string game "Cat's Cradle."

Below: (l): Here is a photo of the Mathilde Thorden taken after she reached port; (R): while on board, Inger herself took time to take a snapshot of the ship's captain, Captain K. Appelgren.


(l to r): Two shots from Inger's Marineland photo shoot; a candid of Inger listening to a singer at an event saluting Bette Davis; an ABC publicity shot for The Farmer's Daughter

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