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The 1966 Academy Awards - Inger and the Minidress

At the 39th Annual Academy Awards held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on April 10, 1967, Inger caused a minor sensation when she appeared wearing a minidress ensemble designed by her good friend Katy Theodore. Ms. Theodore was truly multi-talented: in addition to being in the crew of The Farmer's Daughter as Inger's wardrobe designer, she was also an actress and magazine columnist/writer. She appeared in a number of scenes in The Farmer's Daughter, and their friendship continued thru A Dream of Kings, in which Theodore also had a small role in that film.

Inger and actress Julie Christie were the only two women present wearing minis, considered at the time "hip" and somewhat risque'. Although she was scheduled to accept an award for Born Free if that film were to win, Academy officials were nervous about letting Inger appear on stage in her outfit. Their fears were unfounded, as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? beat out Born Free. Inger's escort that evening was art dealer Dick McKenzie. Below are a number of press photos taken of Inger in her dress, as she and McKenzie arrived and walked "the red carpet" to the Oscars.





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