1968, 101 min, crime, Universal, NR, color, VHS
Produced by Frank P. Rosenberg
Directed by Don Siegel
Written by Howard Rodman, Abraham Polonsky and Harry Kleiner (based on the novel The Commissioner by Richard Dougherty)
Music Composed by Don Costa
Richard Widmark as Detective Daniel Madigan
Henry Fonda as Commissioner Anthony X. Russell
Inger Stevens as Julia Madigan
Harry Guardino as Detective Rocco Bonaro
James Whitmore as Chief Inspector Charles Kane
Susan Clark as Tricia Bentley
Michael Dunn as Midget Castiglione
Steve Ihnat as Barney Benesch
Don Stroud as Hughie
Sheree North as Jonesy
Warren Stevens as Capt. Ben Williams
A detective in New York Police Department and his partner have 72 hours to catch an outlaw that had fooled him, while his wife expects more attention from him. Police Comissioner faces an old friend in the force accepting bribes.
An excellent film in its genre, the best one in 1968 and surely among the ten best of all times. Action-full and realistic, with a lot of locations (New York City), the picture has also a remarkable direction and screenplay.Widmark and Stevens very good in their roles. Later adapted as a TV series.

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