There are a number of video clips of Inger that can be found on You Tube and visitors here are encouraged to view them. The accompanying written descriptions and commentary are eloquent and very well written. There are videos showing scenes from A Guide for the Married Man, her Twilight Zone episodes, Route 66, Hang 'em High, The World, The Flesh, and the Devil, and the intro/ closing credits from The Farmer's Daughter. There is also a clip of the opening scene from the first episode of the show, where Katy is seen riding a bus on her way to the Morley household. Recently, additional clips from a couple of episodes of The Farmer's Daughter have been posted. These video creators have done a tremendous service for Inger fans with their uploads: Inger's talent and work is now readily available for everyone to see. Based on the comments posted about the videos, there is a strong, devoted following of Inger admirers both in the United States and Europe, and there is a growing awareness of Inger in general, and a greater appreciation of her work and talent. There is no doubt she left an indelible impression on a generation of television viewers and filmgoers.

Of course, YouTube videos are just glimpses of Inger's total performance and sometimes do not convey a full sense of her talent and artistry. For that reason, visitors are strongly encouraged to seek out the original source material so that one can appreciate Inger's performances within the full context of the film or role. An ambitious project many fans undertake is to collect a full, comprehensive set of her roles. Most of her more recent film roles are available in DVD format: Run Simon Run, A Dream of Kings, House of Cards, Madigan, Hang 'Em High, A Guide for the Married Man, and A Time for Killing. Her early film roles were once available on VHS, but I have not seen DVD versions to date. Inger's appearances on The Twilight Zone are readily available in any collection of episodes of that show, and I also believe at least one of her appearances on Alfred Hitchcock Presents is present in that show's boxed set. Her touching performance in Bonanza is also available. Other TV appearances, including her Emmy nominated role in The Price of Tomatoes, require a bit of diligence in perusing the nostalgia/tv section of major video retailers. Ironically and with a touch of sadness, her signature role in The Farmer's Daughter has never been officially released in any format. Third or fourth generation copies of episodes recorded off-the-air are available from collector to collector, but they are often of poor quality and limited in number, given the age of the media and the absence of re-mastering. Given the strong interest in past TV programming, one would think that most studios would enthusiastically delve into their archives and release as many programs as they could. However, given today's concerns over digital rights, continuous and ongoing residuals, and individual artists' rights, the process is certainly more problematic and involved. In any case, as fans, we can only remain hopeful that Screen Gems/Columbia/Sony will someday release a complete collection of The Farmer's Daughter in some shape or form.

An even greater challenge for collectors is locating some of Inger's earliest and/or obscure works. Many of her guest appearances on early TV are probably lost or gathering dust in a forgotten archive. Her appearances on syndicated shows, her dive into the pool on The Les Crane Show, her singing and dancing appearance on The Danny Kaye Show, and her guest spot on The Merv Griffin Show probably reside in the archives of each of those performer's estates, if they were saved at all. If any visitor is ambitious enough to take on this challenge, please pass on any leads you might have with our website!


See some of Inger's performances once more
Videocap from The Borgia Stick
Final seconds from VEL commercial, early fifties:


Hear Inger's Comments For a Radio Interview

 A kiss from Inger

Artistic images of Inger submitted by Clyde Parker, Jr. and Nick Phillips

Wallpapers by Clyde Parker, Jr

Wallpaper #1
Wallpaper #2

A Tribute Wallpaper by Samuel Rubinstein, Inger's nephew
Samuel's wallpaper is in an enlarged format. Please re-size as necessary to fit your desktop!

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