New Pictures to be Added to Our Galleries!

Here are some of the latest pictures of Inger I've found on the Internet from a variety of sources. Photos that were previously posted here have been added to our Image Galleries and can be found in the appropriate subsections (candids, portraits, magazine photos, etc.).

From Gary Brumburgh's article on Inger in the May 2011 issue of Classic Images magazine! Thanks, Gary!

Inger and Bill Windom in "Katy's 76th Birthday", a Season 2 episode of The Farmer's Daughter; Inger and Henry Fonda in Firecreek; a promo shot for Cry Terror.

Cheesecake photo of Inger on a bearskin rug; with Dean Martin from Five Card Stud; a lobby card scene from A Time for Killing.

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July 2012: Two magazine scans of Inger in a harem outfit! These were publicity photos shot for a magazine article about The Farmer's Daughter episode that had Katy dressed as a harem girl. The scans are courtesy of Ron Green, a fellow Inger fan. Thanks for the pics, Ron!


January 2013: A True Smorgasbord of Images for Our First Update of 2013!

As mentioned previously, newly discovered or hitherto unseen photos of Inger are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. This month's update is relatively small, consisting of images I've stumbled upon while doing internet searches. A number of these images are offered for sale on EBay, so if you would like to purchase high quality prints of the photos, please direct your efforts to that resource. In the past, I have tried to refrain from posting images that were currently being sold or offered on EBay so as to not distract from an auction's exclusiveness until it closed. However, some images are being perpetually offered, so my posting them here should have no effect on the results of the sales. In anycase, enjoy the images!

George Maharis and Inger enjoy doughnuts from Route 66; Inger on the set of Last of the Big Spenders, which co-starred Dana Andrews and Robert Redford; a candid shot of Inger taken while filming The Borgia Stick.

Gene Kelly directing Walter Matthau and Inger in the dream "running thru the fields" scene from A Guide for the Married Man; a frame from the scene; a publicity photo from the time of The Farmer's Daughter.

Two press photos promoting an episode of The Farmer's Daughter featuring guest star Michael Ansara; a shot of Inger during her appearance on The Merv Griffin Show from August 25, 1966, showing Inger seated between Arthur Treacher (left) and Merv (right).

Images from the August 12, 1957 Life magazine article photo shoot, "Sumptuous Swedish Smorgasbord"


The photos taken for the Life photo spread were shot by famed photographer Don Ornitz, who often photographed other stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson, among others. A caption from one of the photos used in the article described Inger as " sophistication...a country club polish." Inger's reaction: "What the hell do they mean by that?"
High quality prints of the photos posted above are available from a seller on EBay.

A wardrobe/test shot of Inger from 1968's Madigan; Inger visits a shop in Stckholm from her Inger Stevens in Sweden special; a photo of Inger taken while the intro to the special was being filmed.

Test shots from a contact sheet of press photos for A Guide for the Married Man showing a seductive Inger, backlit to show a hint of her figure thru her nightgown. In the opening sequence of the film, her gown was made of a sheer material.

Some stills from an iconic television performance: Inger as Nan Adams, from The Twilight Zone episode, "The Hitchhiker."

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