Other Television Appearances

In addition to her guest appearances on weekly dramatic television, throughout her career Inger found time to make appearances on a number of variety and talk shows. She was a guest host in 1962 on The Tonight Show during its transition form Jack Paar to Johnny Carson, and appeared on a number of daytime game shows as well (What's My Line, Truth or Consequences, You Don't Say!, Your First Impression, and Personality.) As for variety programs, her professional resume' includes programs such as The Ed Sullivan Show, The Andy Williams Show, The Les Crane Show, The Danny Kaye Show, The Pat Boone Show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Steve Allen Show, Dean Martin Presents the Golddiggers, and the Joey Bishop Show.

There are very few photos and footage of Inger's appearances on these programs that have survived over the years. For example, author Bill Patterson once contacted the producers of The Tonight Show about Inger's guest host appearances, and was told that regularly archived copies of the show were kept only starting with Carson's arrival. It is quite likely that footage and stills exist, but unfortunately lie forgotten in the collections and memorabilia of the shows' namesake stars. Many of these celebrities themselves have passed away, so the material is part of the estate. It is also just as likely that a lot of footage has probably been simply lost through time. If any visitor to our site has photos of these appearances that they would like to share, please know they would be a welcome addition to our webpage!

Above: A press photo promoting Inger's appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, broadcast March 19, 1967 on CBS.

Above: Host Virginia Graham, Inger, singer/actress Abbe Lane, and psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers chat on the syndicated show Girl Talk, July 1963.


Above: Inger chats with friend/host Merv Griffin on the set of The Merv Griffin Show, broadcast August 25, 1966. (These photos were sold on EBay some time ago, which accounts for the sellers's credit on the photos.)


Three views of Inger appearing as a guest on a talk show (Can anyone identify the show? I'm guessing this is Inger's appearance on The Joey Bishop Show from 1/23/1968 based on her appearance and the set decorations)


Above: Inger and host Les Crane share a hearty laugh on The Les Crane Show, September 16, 1965 on ABC. Moments later, Inger surprised Crane and the audience by removing her formal outerwear to reveal a swimsuit underneath, and then promptly dived into the nearby swimming pool.


(Above left): Inger and Danny Kaye on The Danny Kaye Show, February 23, 1966, from a Swedish newspaper; (Abve right): A proof photo of Inger and Danny, from photographer Santiago Rodriguez. The show was described at the time as Inger's television singing and dancing debut. She sang "The Lass From the Low Country." She had sung previously on film in The Buccaneer when she sang "Barbara Allen", and also during The Farmer's Daughter episode "Why Don't They Ever Pick Me?" where she sang "Lasse Lasse Liten". It is uncertain if she sang the vocal for "Song of a Guilty Heart" in an episode of The Detectives.

Celebrity photographer Santiago Rodriguez was present at Inger's rehearsal for her appearance on the show, and he offers this wonderful recollection of Inger:

"...Here is a story you will like: when I was taking those photos of her during that musical number she was doing, I was actually there for the dress rehearsal so there was essentially no audience, just a few techs sitting around. After she finished one of the numbers she walked off stage and to my surprise, came and sat down next to me. She wanted an opinion of what she had just done. Well, it was clear to me she was nervous since she was out of her comfort zone, but I assured her that from where I was sitting she did well and did not appear to be nervous at all. Of all the people she could have talked to about this, she just chose me (probably because I was right there, smack in the middle of the front row). She seemed pleased to hear me say that she did not appear nervous. We had a nice little chat, nothing special. I think she asked me if I thought I was getting some good photos etc. I never actually got to know her really well, but she always remembered my face at the various events that I would see her at, and would always take the time to come over to say hello, ask how I was, etc...One of the things I liked the best about her was that she was nice to the fans...So you see, I have nothing but fond memories of this lovely lady who we lost way too soon..."

--Santiago Rodriguez, August 2010--
Mr. Rodriguez can be contacted via his email address at petulac@sbcglobal.net

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