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An Open Invitation for Contributions to Our Photo Galleries

Given the years that have passed since Inger was readily seen in films, television, and magazines, the prospects of uncovering new material and photos on a consistent basis grows smaller with each passing day. Nevertheless, I feel there are fans and memorabilia collectors out there who may have hitherto unseen or obscure photos of Inger who might be willing to share these memories on the website on a voluntary basis. Of course, I realize there are compelling reasons to limit the availability and circulation of rare photos of any celebrity: it is that very aspect that enhances their value. However, in Inger's case, she is not an iconic star like Monroe, Garbo, or a Hepburn, where a rare photo has a certain monetary value. There is little incentive in this endeavor. Inger simply deserves to be remembered for her talent and her heart, and a comprehensive photo archive is one way to keep this legacy alive for future fans. As this is a non-profit, fan appreciation site only, I can only offer acknowledgments of contributions and appreciation of a donor's generosity.

December 2009

Mike B., an Inger fan from the Chicago area and contributor to the ClassicForever blog page, is looking for photos taken during a modelling/photo shoot Inger did, most likely sometime in late 1968-early 1969. Two of the most widely circulated photos of Inger from that session are shown below; they were used in fan magazines in articles that were published in the months after her passing. If anyone has seen other pics from that photo session, we'd appreciate any info, leads, or contributions!


During the fall of 1967, Inger was on location in Paris and Rome to film House of Cards. Director John Guillermin took these snapshots of Inger on the balcony/rooftop of the duplex where she was living during the making of the film. Notice she is wearing the same lace top/pantsuit as in the above photos.


There have also been inquiries about the 2 photos shown below:


These photos were taken by photographer Sid Avery in 1963 and are part of the photo archive. In reviewing his portfolio at this website, Avery also shot still product endorsement photos featuring celebrities as well. It seems likely the above images were part of a photo session with Inger and hairstylist Lesly Blanchard for Clairol, a sponsor of The Farmer's Daughter, as they are similar to the two images below:


Two other images from the mptvimages archive lend some credence to this assumption: they show Blanchard at work on Inger's hair as part of the session for Clairol:


It is also safe to assume any other photos from the session are part of the Avery estate or in Clairol's archives.