Yes, there is a biography of Inger Stevens that has been completed and published.The book is entitled,The Farmer's Daughter Remembered by William T. Patterson. It is published by a leading Internet publishing company, and is available directly thru Xlibris and other major booksellers. Below is the preface from Mr. Patterson's book, where the author tells how and why the biography was written.

Now as to why I wrote her biography in the first place. I had been living in Hollywood for two years and was a struggling twenty-two year old actor, but had spent the last nine months traveling with the Clyde Beatty Circus as an assistant to Hugo Zacchini, the human cannonball. Since the season was over, I was spending the winter in Sarasota, Florida with Karl Linares and his family, who had also been on the show. Karl was a tightwire walker and was the first man in the world to do a forward somersault on the tightwire. In early February of 1956, Karl was notified that he was going to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show in New York City and asked if I wanted to go along as his rigger. An offer I could not refuse - being addicted to Broadway shows !

We drove to New York and arrived two days before the performance date. Karl and his wife stayed at a hotel near the Sullivan studio and I stayed at the Hotel Edison on 47th Street and Broadway in the theatre district. The "hottest" show on Broadway was Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter with Jayne Mansfield at the Belasco Theatre. Tickets were hard to come by, but because I was alone, a single ticket was available on my first night there. I had seen about 250 plays and thought it was the worst play of all times ! Jayne Mansfield was terrible and could not act if her life depended on it. At intermission I left the theatre and walked the three blocks to the hotel.

Around the corner from the hotel entrance was the Holiday Theatre and on the marquee was the name of a show entitled Debut. I walked to the front of the theatre and read the advertising material. The advertising said that this was an original comedy starring Tom Helmore and Inger Stevens. I had heard of  Tom Helmore , as he was a well known Broadway actor, but I had never heard of Inger Stevens. the following night I decided to see Debut, figuring that it could not be worse than the turkey of the previous night. Also the theatre was close to the hotel and I had to get up early the next morning for rehearsals.

The comedy was not the greatest, but the preformance by Inger made up for the script. After the final curtain, I went backstage to meet her. She was very gracious, warm, charming and beautiful. Our conversation lasted over an hour and a half. Since she had never been to Hollywood, she asked endless questions about the town and the movie business. I told her that I knew a casting director at 20th Century Fox and although he had not helped me yet, I was sure he could help her. What I did not know was that her estranged husband was an agent and was negotiating with Fox to put her under a studio contract. She was too much of a lady to mention this, as she knew it would make me feel stupid.

Later in the year Inger was starring in a movie with Bing Crosby and had an appendicitis attack during the filming. I sent her flowers and she sent me a letter of thanks. Throughout the years our paths continued to cross.

I tried acting for a few more years and then became a private invastigator. In 1988, although I was retired from the investigative field, I was in the country archives looking up something for a friend. While there, for some weird reason, her name came to mind, and I decided to see what happened to her estate. Then came the shock - after 18 years her estate was still in probate. After learning this, my investigative juices started to flow. If I had found that she had left her estate to her parents and they had received so many dollars, my curiosity would have been satisfied and I would not have given it another thought. I then started to research her life and career, as I knew little about her. As time went on I found many of her friends and fans who passed on stories, letters and memorabilia about her. In the beginning I never planned on doing her biography, but after gathering more and more information, I knew I had to write the biography. Besides being a talented actress, Inger had a very interesting and prolific life, and her story deserves to be told.

Copyright © 1998 William T. Patterson. Reproduced by kind permission