Quest (1970)
Vidcaps from Quest: The Mask of Sheba, Inger's Next to Last Film

Filming began in November 1969, with locations in Mexico City and Acapulco standing in for Ethiopia where the story takes place. Inger also met hairdresser Lola McNally during the making of the film; McNally eventually would be Inger's houseguest.
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The cast of Quest gathers around guest star Inger: (l to r)Walter Pidgeon, Corinne Camacho, Stephen Young, Christopher Cary, and Eric Braeden; also distinguished actors William Marshall and Joseph Wiseman had guest-starring roles in the film/tv pilot.



Inger with co-star Eric Braeden (aka Hans Gudegast), formerly of ABC-TV's The Rat Patrol. Braeden would go on to play "Victor Newmann" on CBS' daytime serial, The Young and The Restless.

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