A Radio Interview With Inger

As a promotional tool for the the second season of The Farmer's Daughter, Inger recorded a series of answers to a set of questions that could be read by an ABC station's or local affiliate's interviewer or radio personality. The recording was made during late spring or early summer of 1964, prior to her and a production crew flying to Sweden to shoot her travelogue special (which began shooting in early September of 1964). Her descriptions of some of the second season's storylines would imply that shooting of some of the season's episodes had already begun. Inger's comments are recorded here in WMA format.

Introduction: Let's welcome Ms. Inger Stevens, the star of ABC-TV's The Farmer's Daughter! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us; it's such a treat to have you with us on our program today!

Inger's Reply

This past season, we saw how Katy Holstrum arrived in Washington and how she became the governess for Congressman Morley. What kind of surprises can we expect to see in the new season? How are you expanding the character that you play?

Inger's Reply 2

Twice as much work as last year? Sounds like you'll be spending a lot of time on the set! How does that impact your free time? Does all of this work affect your social life?

Inger's Reply 3

Well, what do you do when you have some free time? What do you do to unwind and relax?

Inger's Reply 4

Make lamps? Now that's interesting! What types of materials do you use?

Inger's Reply 5

Well, with regards to the show, the viewers can see the romantic chemistry building up between Katy and Glen, the character played by your co-star Bill Windom. So, I've got to ask the question that's on everybody's mind: Will Katy be marrying the Congressman this upcoming season?

Inger's Reply 6

What other projects will you be involved in this year?

Inger's Reply 7

That's right, you were born in Sweden. When was the last time you went home for a visit?

Inger's Reply 8

Four years is a long time. What do you miss the most about Sweden?

Inger's Reply 9

Have you ever thought of making a film specifically for your Swedish fans?

Inger's Reply 10

Well, it sounds as if you have a busy and hectic schedule ahead of you in the coming months, with your show and your upcoming trip to Sweden! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, and we'll be watching you this fall on The Farmer's Daughter on our local ABC station!

Inger's Reply 11

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