Run, Simon, Run
1970, 74 min, Color, TV, produced by Aaron Spelling Productions, Inc. Classification: PG, drama, VHS, Distributed by Worldvision Inc. and ABC-TV (original airing)
Also Known As: Savage Run (video), and as The Tradition of Simon Zuniga (the initial working title
Written by Lionel E. Siegel
Music by The Orphanage
Costume Design by Vou Lee Giokaris Robert Harris Sr.
Produced by Richard Newton (associate) Aaron Spelling
Hair Style by Carol Meikle
Directed by George McCowan
Cast (in credits order)
Burt Reynolds as Simon Zúñiga
Inger Stevens as Carroll Rennard
Royal Dano as Sheriff Tacksberry
James Best as. Henry Burroughs
Rodolfo Acosta as Manuel
Don Dubbins as Freddie Tomb
Ken Lynch as Warden Lomis
Barney Phillips as Cesar Rosetti
Herman Rudin as. Asa
Eddie Little Sky as Santana
Joyce Jameson as. Esther
A Native American, falsely convicted for the murder of his brother, is released from prison and goes in search of the real murderer. He mets a social worker (Stevens)who tries to help him.
A very interesting movie, a simple production that holds one from the beginning to the end. Inger is excellent in her last work. Nice use of locations.

Awarded the Wrangler Award for outstanding western fiction TV program of the year by the Western American Center's Western Heritage Awards Committee in 1971.

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