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Inger's Appearances on Broadway and Summer Stock

Inger's acting portfolio also included stage work on both Broadway and summer stock, during the early years of her career (1954 - 1962). However, as her film and television schedule began to occupy most of her time, she found less and less oportunity to return to the stage (ironically, it was watching her father perform in amateur theater productions where she first caught the acting bug). Since theater was a "live" event, there are not many photos of Inger's Broadway shows; this is also because her shows closed so quickly! Yet despite the poor reviews, she kept her sense of humor about the experience:"...they're [the bad reviews] the only ones I've saved..."

Shown below are some images fom Debut and Roman Candle, and a rare photo of Inger in The Women.

Inger in The Women

In mid-1954, barely two years after high school, Inger (far right) is on tour in a summer stock production of The Women with Gypsy Rose Lee.



Roman Candle