Inger Stevens in Sweden
In the fall of 1964, Inger and a production crew flew to Sweden to film a travelogue program about her homeland. The program was directed by Don Taylor, a frequent director of The Farmer's Daughter. Also accompanying Inger as part of the production crew was Leslie Blanchard, one of her favorite hairstylists. The show featured Inger interviewing a number of Swedish artists, performers, and celebrities, as well as everyday individuals, all to familiarize the American audience with Sweden, its history and its people. Her guests on the show included artist Bo Beskow, boxing champion Ingemar Johannsen, and actor Max Von Sydow, among others. It was also originally planned to have a filmed interview with King Gustaf Adolf, but this could not be finalized in time, and he was seen in the distance when scenes of the royal palace were being filmed. However, Inger did get the opportunity to chat privately with him, and she also met with Sweden's prime minister as well.

While much was made of the fact that this was a "homecoming" for Inger and she was shown visiting childhood haunts, ironically none of her relatives or remaining family members appeared on camera for the special. Nevertheless, despite the hectic shooting schedule and long, working days, Inger managed to spend some time with her birth mother Lisbet, her brother Peter and his family, as well as her aunt Karin.

The pictures below are from a variety of articles and reviews on her TV special, Inger Stevens in Sweden, broadcast on ABC on February 26th, 1965. Our gallery also includes a number of still photos released as part of the promotional materials distributed to the press and public. Unlike episodes of The Farmer's Daughter that were periodically re-run and/or syndicated after production ended, it is believed the special was televised only once, pre-empting the normal broadcast order of her weekly show. It is safe to assume that a complete version of the program has not been seen since the original broadcast. A complete copy of the program is thought to be on file at the Library of Congress; a second master is believed to be stored in the Sony/Columbia Pictures film vaults (this, according to a studio historian replying to an inquiry made by Bill Patterson some years ago).

The photos of Inger and her mother were taken by the local Swedish press corps.

Opening title credit of the show.
Inger welcoming the audience to her special.
TV Guide. Article on Inger Stevens in Sweden, ABC special
Three different photos of Inger with her mother, Lisbet


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