A Time for Killing
1967, 88 min, Color, Produced by Columbia Pictures,NR, Western

Also known as The Long Ride Home
Written by Nelson and Shirley Wolford (novel The Southern Blade) , and Halsted Welles
Music by Mundell Lowe
Produced by Harry Joe Brown
Hair Styles by Virginia Jones
Directed by Phil Karlson
Cast (in credits order)
Glenn Ford as Maj. Charles Walcott
George Hamilton as Captain Bentley
Inger Stevens as Emily Biddle
Paul Petersen as Blue Lake
Timothy Carey as Billy Cat
Todd Armstrong as Lt. Prudessing
Kenneth Tobey as Sgt. Cleehan
Richard X. Slattery as Corporal Paddy Darling.
Duke Hobbie as Lt. Frist
Harry Dean Stanton as Sgt. Dan Way
James Davidson as Little Mo
Harrison J Ford as Lieutenant Shaffer
Max Baer as Sergeant Luther Liskell
Charlie Briggs as Sergeant Kettlinger
Kay E. Kuter as Owelson

And Dick Miller, Craig Curtis, Emile Meyer.

In the last weeks of the Civil War, a group of Confederate POWs led by a captain escape from a Union prison and take the bride of a Northern major hostage. They set out to reach the border and cross into Mexico, with the Union major in hot pursuit.

A mediocre western, with scenic outdoor photography and an uneven screenplay.

Filmed on location on Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Released in Spain in 11 March 1968, released in Sweden in 25 March 1968

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