The World, the Flesh and the Devil
1959, 95 min, MGM, NR, black & white (Cinemascope), sci-fi, VHS
Produced by George Englund
Directed by Ranald MacDougall
Written by Ranald MacDougall and Ferdinand Reyher (based on the story The End of the Wall and the novel The Purple Cloud by Matthews Phipps Shiel)
Music Composed by Miklos Rozsa
Harry Belafonte as Ralph Burton
Inger Stevens as Sarah Crandall
Mel Ferrer as Benson Thacker
After a nuclear holocaust, a black miner looks for survivors in deserted New York. He finds a young white woman, and their relationship is made difficult because of the differences in color. A third person is found, a white sailor, and the growing tension between the three of them begins to erupt.

Interesting the scenes of a entirely deserted and silent New York. Belafonte sings just one calypso song, and the threesome act well together.
Released on May, 1959

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